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” Baby humans are cute. Adults are compelled to take care of them, but baby Charm Dragons make human babies look like rocks. If you’re not careful, you’ll sign over your mortgage to one, even before it’s potty trained. ” - Dragon Story: Charm Dragon Description


  Dragon Story Charm Dragon
Hatching Time: 16 Hours

Buying Price: 200 Dragon Story Gold Icon

Selling Price: 100 Dragon Story Coin Icon

Habitat: Purple & Red


The Charm Dragon is a magic dragon that looks very similar to other magic dragons. The Charm Dragon has purple skin and most of it’s body is purple.

This dragon is actually a purple and red type dragon which means that it can go into the purple or red habitat.


How to breed a Dragon Story: Charm Dragon

To breed a Charm Dragon in Dragon Story use an Magic Dragon and a Fire dragon in the breeding den. Remember that breeding is random and that if you don’t get the dragon on your first try you need to continue to breed until you get it. Breeding dragons is up to probability and luck so good luck!

Dragon Story: Charm Dragon Evolution 

The evolution process for most dragon begins at level 4 then at level 6. You will need to use the evolution temple from then on to evolve your dragon any further. If you want to evolve your dragon into an adult that is what happens at stage 6->7 but if you want an epic form for your Dragon Story dragons then you need to evolve the dragon through the evolution temple at level 10.

Dragon Story: Charm Dragon Earnings [Per Hour]

Level Earnings
Level 1 Dragon Story Coin Icon Level 10 Dragon Story Coin Icon

Dragon Story: Charm Dragon Food/Feed Amount Chart

Level Food Level Food
Level 1 1Dragon Story - Food icon Level 6 100
Level 2 4 Level 7 240
Level 3 8 Level 8 500
Level 4 20 Level 9 1000
Level 5 50 Level 10 Max
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