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Get and find more friend storm8 codes for Dragon Story by simply posting your code below.

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Why get more friends?

In Dragon Story, the more friends you get the better your island will become. Your ratings will go up with each friend you visit and you can even get some of them to send you valuable gifts which are gold which you can use for your Dragon Story island. So why wait? Post safely with your account in the comments below!


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Dragon Story Friends Code, 3.6 out of 5 based on 7 ratings

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  928 Responses to “Dragon Story Friends Code”

  1. Please add virus2k20!


  2. Add me: thengoc007007

  3. Please, add Bojidar95. I’ll be happy to return all gifts, I will help with gold and maps all the time. :-)

  4. I am a daily player add 79kels also my partner amber2712

  5. Add me I send gold and want to see others wonderful worlds

  6. I’d for all story games. kimiejo. Plz add

  7. Add me kimber_rose

  8. Add me: Dawidos123 i will help with gold ;)

  9. Add my daughter and I RexiRooo and mamajstewart

  10. Add me C:
    My ID: TheMagnificentWolf

  11. My user is jerrydon1973 and I am also working pet shop story, please add

  12. Please add mandi102011

  13. LvL.123 – ozlodragon – helpful hint & tips

  14. Add me if you want to see Diamond dragons…


  15. And yasmina80

  16. Plz add me: Sebi891

  17. Plz add me mine is pufpufpony

  18. Mine if pufpufpony

  19. Add me plz. eeta1957 thanks

  20. I am enjoying the game. I am trying to learn more. Thanks

  21. eeta1957 friend me plz.

  22. Wsaid you were full…sorry.

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