Fire Dragon

“A baby fire Dragon’s heart might be tiny, but it beats with bravery! As they grow stronger, a Fire Dragon’s wings and tail flames glow together. “ - Fire Dragon Game Description


Dragon Story Fire Dragon Level 4
Rarity: Common

Hatching Time: 5 Seconds

Buying Price:  100 Dragon Story Coin Icon

Selling Price: 10 Dragon Story Coin Icon

Habitat: Red


How to Breed Dragon Story: Fire Dragon

You can get the Fire Dragon from the Dragon Story Market place but if you want to breed one you can also breed a fire dragon with a fire dragon.




Dragon Story: Fire Dragon Evolutions

The evolution process for most dragon begins at level 4 then at level 6. You will need to use the evolution temple from then on to evolve your dragon any further.

Dragon Story: Fire Dragon Earnings Chart

Level Earnings
Earnings per hour
Level 1 50Dragon Story Coin Icon Level 10 Dragon Story Coin Icon

Dragon Story: Fire Dragon Food/Feed Amount Chart

Level Food Req. Level Food Req.
Level 1 2Dragon Story - Food icon Level 6  50Dragon Story - Food icon
Level 2 4Dragon Story - Food icon Level 7  Dragon Story - Food icon
Level 3 8Dragon Story - Food icon Level 8  Dragon Story - Food icon
Level 4 15Dragon Story - Food icon Level 9 Dragon Story - Food icon
Level 5 30Dragon Story - Food icon Level 10 Dragon Story - Food icon
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