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“Quartz isn’t as ‘valuable’ as some of the other gemstones made to craft dragons from the Dragon Realm, but Quartz Dragons have a special value of their own. The hue and clarity of the crystals that make up the Quartz Dragons tend to have a calming effect on dragons and humans alike. Some Caretakers have taken to calling these dragons the ‘serene stone dragons’.” - Dragon Story: Quartz Dragon  Description
Dragon Story – Quartz Dragon
Craft Time: 18 Hour
Buying Price: 1900 Dragon Story Gold Icon
Selling Price: 100 Dragon Story Coin Icon
Habitat: Pink
Rarity:  Rare

The Quartz dragon is a single element in Dragon Story and Quartz Pink color dragon that appears to look like a brand new design of dragons…

The Quartz Dragon holds the elements of Pink, creating this Pink dragon with almost a pure Green body that looks like its made from Quartz crystals.

How to breed a Dragon Story Dragon

No legit player has been confirmed to have Green one of these dragons. You must use the Craft option in the Spell Shop to craft this Gemstone dragon for Dragon Story. There is no other way other than purchasing the dragon using Gold.

To craft this dragon, head on over to your Spell Shop and then ensure you have 2 Large Quartzs, 2 Spell Scrolls, and 3x Nether Dust. Craft the dragon and it should take 24 hours for crafting to be done in your Dragon Story game.

Dragon Story: Quartz Dragon Evolution Guide

The evolution process for most dragon begins at level 4 then at level 6. You will need to use the evolution temple from then on to evolve your dragon any further. The other evolution happens at level 9 where he becomes an epic dragon.

Dragon Story: Quartz Dragon Earnings Chart

Level Coins Food Level Coins Food
Level 1  551  20 Level 6  1,333  1000
Level 2  655  40 Level 7  1,730  2400
Level 3  749  100 Level 8  1,895  5600
Level 4  1,057  240 Level 9  2,033  10,000
Level 5  1,206  600 Level 10  2,479 Max

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