“It’s always summer when a Summer Dragon’s on your Isle! When you hatch a Summer Dragon, prepare for endless barbeques, trips to the beach, and family vacations to parts unknown..” - Dragon Story: Summer Dragon  Description
Summer Dragon
Breeding Time: 20 Hour
Buying Price: 800 Dragon Story Gold Icon
Selling Price: 100 Dragon Story Coin Icon
Habitat:  Yellow/Blue/Green
Rarity:  Super Rare

The  Summer Dragon is a Blue-type Dragon in Dragon Story and is made up of Yellow/Blue/Green element and is a Yellow/Blue/Green type dragons in the game. This dragon was released to players on August 8, 2013

The Summer Dragon holds the elements of Yellow/Blue/Green and is one of the newest dragon in its time.

How to breed a Dragon Story Dragon

To breed a Summer Dragon you need to use an Mist Dragon on the left and a  Forest Dragon on the right for a chance to obtain the Summer Dragon. The Summer Dragon is an super rare dragon that not anyone can breed so keep trying until you get one!

The breeding time for this dragon is 20 hours

Keep in mind that breeding the dragon left and right does not matter, your level of your dragon also does not matter. So be sure to have lots of patience as this Summer Dragon is not an easy breed, however it’s also only available for a limited time.

Dragon Story: Summer Dragon Evolution Guide

The evolution process for most dragon begins at level 4 then at level 6. You will need to use the evolution temple from then on to evolve your dragon any further. The other evolution happens at level 9 where he becomes an epic dragon.

Dragon Story: Summer Dragon Earnings Chart

Level Coins Food Level Coins Food
Level 1  600  25 Level 6  2159  1,250
Level 2  1200  50 Level 7  2279  3,000
Level 3  1500  125 Level 8  2580  7,000
Level 4  1800  300 Level 9  2669  12,500
Level 5  1979  750 Level 10  2819 Max


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  1. So, is there a typo in the breeding instructions above or are we really required to place the parents on certain sides to get an actual chance? If we are, *wow* is all I can say.

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