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The Dragon Story Wiki list is compiled by experienced players and was created to assist the best mobile players of Dragon Story for mobile devices/phones. Remember that breeding is completely up to probability. Given breeding guides have proven successful but you may not succeed on your first try.

Dragon Story App Breeding

Dragon Story: Newest Dragon

Newest Dragon in Dragon Story

Dragon Story: Ultra Rare Dragons

  1. Diamond Dragon

Dragon Story: Main Dragons

  1. Air Dragon
  2. Fire Dragon
  3. Forest Dragon
  4. Water Dragon
  5. Magic Dragon

Dragon Story: Original Dragons

  1. Eagle Dragon
  2. Fairy Dragon
  3. Firestorm Dragon
  4. Fruitful Dragon
  5. Island Dragon
  6. Life Dragon
  7. Mindvolt Dragon
  8. Mist Dragon
  9. Serpent Dragon
  10. Wild Dragon
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Dragon Story Information

  • 3 hour dragons on dragon story

  42 Responses to “Dragon Story List and Wiki”

  1. Anyone know what takes 2 days for breeding

  2. Using lvl 7 fire and magic

  3. titan

  4. Does anyone know how to get a dragon back that we sold by accident?

  5. what takes 20 hours to hatch

  6. Anyone know what takes 2 days for breeding
    Using daimond and fire

  7. I cant launch my game. Its on the loading screen for like ever, I have great connection and everything. Does anyone no how to like fix that? Or is it ok if I delete it and install it again without losing my data? please help

  8. add,,, viegieland,,,

  9. hey,,,,,,,,

    how to breed serpent dragon ???

    at first time, island dragon,, next, atlantis dragon,, and than i was breed mermaid dragon ,,,,,

    add,, viegieland

  10. does anyone have a epic scarecrow dragon because I do and i did it an maybe 5 days afterhatching the egg and I had to plant the crops in order to geat it from a level1 baby scarecrow dragon into a level10 epic scarecrow dragon.Also my storm Id is HO-HOlv.X

  11. sorry,HO-HOlv.EX

  12. I bred Forestfire and air and got a 3 hours breeding guide does anyone know who it is

  13. do anyone know how to breed the magic dragon.

  14. Does anyone know when they are going to update the game so that Kindle users can access everything?
    No spell book thing.
    no pink habitats or dragons.
    really sucks not being able to get everything.
    wondering WHY im wasting my time playing if i cant get everything.

  15. New Dawn version NOT available on Kindle,………….

  16. For those who want a Magic dragon, bred a Fire and Water dragon together. You can only do this at level 10 or higher or you’ll get an Athletic Dragon instead. Also, don’t look at the number of days to breed – any dragon that takes over 24 hours to breed will show the message. What you need to do is to look at the amount of gold needed if you want them to finish immediately once you start breeding – the amount of gold is the same as the number of hours it takes.

  17. How to I see dragon’s egg list at a glance? Plz…

  18. Add me qazqsz2468

  19. Add me qazqaz2468

  20. Hi, do you now how to cancel a nbr?



  21. alguien me puede decir que tengo que hacer para tener el trade y el spell market pues no lo tengo y me gustaria tenerlo pues ahy dragones que solo salen con eso …ayuda pls que hago para conseguirlos

  22. Necesitas.. La version original para que te a parescan Los dos

  23. pls add me TerryStorm10 i help everybody everyday, please reciprocate :)

  24. Anyone know what lvl 5 honey bee dragon (red and yellow) and lvl 7 forest dragon is? 12 hrs to breed.

  25. Does any one else have a Samsung galaxy s 3 and the play store won’t open I’m getting frustrated I can’t update at all

  26. How to breeding virtue dragon

  27. How to breeding “virtue dragon”,please, thank you

  28. How to breed a night dragon? Weird, this list has everything but the night dragon

  29. How do you breed a bat dragon?

  30. I got a Cornucopia dragon by breeding Life dragon lv 5 and Mist dragon lv7

  31. What Level Do you have to be To get the Coliseum

  32. How do u breed a fairytale dragon?

  33. How do I breed a night dragon?

  34. How do I get a treasure dragon?

  35. How so I get an Elements Dragon?

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